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The Community I Wish I Had

Throughout my 10+ years running startups (no matter if they were bootstrapped or VC funded) I looked for a group of peers with whom I could be real no matter if the challenge I was facing was “just business” or fundamentally spiritual. 

I never found that group. Mostly what I found was a lot of fellow entrepreneurs who felt the same way I did: isolated. 

Sure, there were mentors and investors I could talk business with. And there were colleagues I could talk to about some surface-level personal things. My friends didn’t really get my work at all. And no one really got the full picture.

It’s hard to feel fully supported when you don’t feel fully understood.  

Now that I’ve made the decision to focus full-time on my mission to help Christians do their most exceptional work for the glory of God and the good of others, the first thing I wanted to do was start the group I wish I had as a Founder.

That’s what the Master Collaboratory is all about: Real world business insights and support from a community of peers who share your faith, vision, and values. 

How It Works

The Master Collaboratory is a cohort-based community of 12 carefully selected Founders led by me, Jordan Raynor. There are three core components of the Collaboratory: community, consulting, and content. Expand each section below to learn more.


Each month, the full cohort will gather virtually in a Monthly Forum: a 3 hour Zoom call during which we pray, teach on practical business topics, offer focused feedback, and hold each other accountable to our business and spiritual goals. All Forums will be recorded for access later on. Here’s the full agenda:

Devotional (20 Minutes)

Devotional from me that helps you more deeply connect your faith with your work. If you’re subscribed to my weekly faith and work devotional, think of this section of the Forum as those devotionals on steroids. Each devotional will be followed by the group discussing how the theological truths impact our lives and the lives of our ventures.  Here are a few of the topics we will discuss in these devotionals:

  • How the gospel gives us (and our teams) a right relation to our work, freeing us to expect much, but not ultimate, meaning from our careers
  • How Jesus said “no” to the nonessential in order to focus on his most essential work
  • What it looks like to rest in the tension between trusting in God and hustling to make our ventures succeed
Prayer (30 Minutes)

Every member will get a chance to share specific things they’d like the group to be praying for throughout the month. We will end this section of the Forum in a time of prayer.

Teaching (20 Minutes)

For 10 minutes, I will teach on a very practical business topic, drawn from my 10+ years of experience as an entrepreneur. Each talk will be followed by 10 minutes of Q&A and the group sharing best-practices related to the topic. Here are a few of the topics I will be teaching on:

  • How to set-up systems that force you and your team to regularly discern the essential from the noise in your venture
  • How to work yourself out of your current role in your business
  • How to get to inbox zero every day and never drop a ball
Rotating Consult Club (90 Minutes)

Each month, 3 members of the group will have 30 minutes each to do a deep-dive on a big problem or question facing their venture and solicit input and offers of help from the group.

Next Actions (15 Minutes)

Every member will report on the status of the Next Actions they committed to in the last meeting, and verbalize actions they are committing to take within the next month.

Closing Prayer (5 Minutes) 


In between Forums, members will have constant access to me and the other members of the Collaboratory via Slack. This is super valuable for when you inevitably need a sounding board in between our monthly Forums.

As a member of the Collaboratory, you will have unfettered access to my calendar (yes—that means unlimited one-on-one calls and emails), my experience, and my connections. Whenever you need counsel on an issue personal or professional, I am there to help, leveraging my years of experience to help you win. For all intents and purposes, you are getting me as a co-founder of your business and I’m personally going to do everything I can to make your venture succeed. Not only have I personally gone through the same challenges you’re facing numerous times, but I have also counseled other founders on virtually every topic imaginable, including how to:

  • Build a predictable sales machine
  • Raise venture capital Inspire your team to care about the venture as much as you do
  • Replace yourself in the day-to-day operations of your venture
  • Hire and retain exceptional people
  • Discern the best opportunities from the merely good ones
  • Manage the overwhelming number of projects and tasks on your plate
  • Get to inbox zero every day
  • Know when you’ve actually found product market fit
  • Be exceptional at work and at home
  • Manage the tension between “trusting” and “hustling” in your venture
  • Ensure your self-worth isn’t tied to the success or failure of your venture
  • Navigate acquisition opportunities

Chances are good that you likely first heard about me through my faith and work content on YouVersion, my weekly devotional, or in my book for Christian founders, Called to Create. As a member of the Collaboratory, you will be gaining access to much more content to help you do your most exceptional work for the glory of God and the good of others.

Verse Of The Day

Short daily devotional from me to help put you in the right frame of mind for the day ahead.


Access to a well-organized repository of documents, pitch decks, spreadsheets, etc. that will save you time and help you win.

Master Notes

Private weekly blog (delivered via email) for founders like you.

Early Access

Advance copies of all of my books (including Master of One).

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About Jordan

I started this group because this is what I wish I had as I was leading my previous ventures. When I committed to focusing full-time on my mission of helping Christians do their most exceptional work for the glory of God and the good of others, I knew I had to create a group like this. I want to be clear on this: I am leading this group and giving it my all, but this group is not about me. The real value is being in a committed community of your peers, of which I am only one.

With that in mind, you may still be wondering what qualifies me to lead a group like this. That’s a fair question. Here are some highlights of what I’ve accomplished in my 10+ years as an entrepreneur: 

  • Sold 2 companies
  • Raised millions of dollars in venture capital
  • In just 2.5 years, successfully replaced myself as CEO of the venture-backed tech startup, Threshold 360, where I currently serve as Executive Chairman of the Board
  • Built multiple companies with millions of dollars in annual revenue
  • Led teams of 50+ people
  • Spoken on entrepreneurship at Harvard, SXSW, The Council of Europe, etc.
  • Consulted with dozens of other Christian founders
  • National bestselling author of Called to Create, a manifesto for Christian founders
  • Helped more than 1,000,000 Christians (most of them entrepreneurs) more deeply connect their faith with their work

Join the Waiting List

The Collaboratory is currently full. Apply now to join the Waiting List.


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