How to Land a Book Deal With No Platform

A course by Jordan Raynor

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Learn the step-by-step blueprint for finding an agent, creating a killer proposal, and landing a book deal with a major publishing house.

“When I landed my first book deal, I had no email list, no podcast, and just a few hundred social media followers.”

Has anyone ever told you that you can’t get a book deal until: 

  • You’ve built a significant online platform
  • You’ve written the entire book
  • You’ve done any other number of things that are totally discouraging and overwhelming? 

What if told you there was another way? 

What if I told you: You can get a book deal without any of that.

I know because I’ve done it. I landed my first book deal (for Called to Create) with no platform whatsoever. Eventually, that led to a 5-book deal with the world’s largest publisher, putting me in a position to write full-time for many years to come.

Want to land your first book deal and get on the path to a career changing the world with your words? I’m going to show you how in my brand new course: How to Land a Book Deal With No Platform.

About the Course

Who This Course is For
  • Writers of non-fiction, fiction, or children's books (I've landed deals for non-fiction and children's and coached plenty of fiction authors)
  • People writing for Christians and/or non-Christians

What You Will Learn
  • What a book deal can do for you and your career or business
  • The 8 reasons why I almost always recommend traditional publishing over self-publishing
  • How to narrow down your list of book ideas and commit to the best one
  • Everything you need to include in a winning book proposal, especially if you are trying to overcome the “no platform” objection
  • How to find, pitch, and engage the right literary agent who will help you land the best book deal possible
  • How to navigate offers from publishers and create an auction for your book
  • How to build a massive email list to market your book

You’ll Also Get
  • Access to download the book proposal for Called to Create which helped me secure two offers from major publishers
  • The cold email I used to get 7 offers of representation from literary agents
  • An opportunity to pitch your book proposal to my literary agent! That's right—if you create a book proposal the way I lay out in the course, you’ll have a chance to submit your proposal to one of the top agents in the business, helping you skip a ton of steps to landing your book deal.
  • A guarantee that I'll personally answer any question you have in the course


Course Format
  • 5 video lessons (2.5 hours in total) that teach you everything you need to know to land a book deal—even if you have no platform
  • In between those practical "how to" lessons, you will find 5 short "Connection Conversation" videos from me reminding you of your “why”—namely, the gospel—as you go throughout this process
  • Each video lesson is accompanied by a text transcript of the course so you can easily search for keywords in the future

Want to see a detailed outline of the course? Click here.

That’s a total value of...

..well honestly, I’m not sure how to put a price-tag on all of that, and I frankly hate this common marketing gimmick. But I can say this: All of the above is worth exponentially more than what we’re charging for this course.

So why make the price so accessible? Because I want to see exponentially more Christ-followers sharing their messages (evangelical or not) in the most powerful, life-changing medium the world has yet to produce: books.

For the first time ever, I’m offering lifetime access to all of these resources for only:


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Money Back Guarantee

Afraid of commitment? I get it. Trust me, I do.

So I’ll make you a deal: If you don’t love the course within the first 60 days of your purchase, I’ll give you a full refund.

No questions asked. No hard feelings.

Oh yeah, and in case you’re wondering, you won’t be the first writer I help get published. Not even close. 

"THIS COURSE WORKS! I just signed with a literary agent and am so excited to start the journey of being a traditionally published author. Having these tools and the supportive guidance of Jordan has been tremendous."

Rachel Scott

"I say this with no hesitation and no exaggeration: I would not have a book deal today without Jordan Raynor. He held back no wisdom and spared no detail of the arduous journey to get published. For years I've taken courses and seminars, have frequented forums and blogs, and stayed updated on every doorway into the publishing industry. Yet Jordan, in very clear, practical, and edifying language, gave me the knowledge boost I needed to walk through the door. From proposals to agents to marketing, Jordan's wisdom guided me to every writer's dream. I was grateful to have a literary mentor and encourager like Jordan cheering me along."

Joon "J.S." Park

"Jordan’s recommendations on publishing helped me avoid several pitfalls and guarded me from a situation of entering a contract without an agent. Jordan's advice and help in creating a high quality proposal was a key factor in my getting offers from four different publishers on my very first book! The publishing process is certainly not something you want to enter uninformed. I’m grateful for the valuable information and help Jordan shared."

Krystal Whitten

Kick-Start Your Writing Career Today

Got a message you believe God has called you to share with the world? It’s time to stop procrastinating. It’s time to get to work and finally become a published author.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lesson 1: What You Need to Know Before Pursuing a Book Deal (34 minutes)

  • 3 questions to ask before deciding to write a book
  • The top 3 benefits to publishing a book, whether you self-publish or go the traditional route
  • The 8 reasons why I almost always recommend traditional versus self-publishing
  • The only 2 reasons why I recommend self-publishing
  • An overview of The Publishing Roadmap from concept to launch

Connection Conversation 1: The Gospel as the Antidote to Creative Fear (7 minutes)

Lesson 2: Nailing Your Book Concept (13 minutes)

  • 2 mistakes writers make when thinking about book concepts
  • 3 paths most writers take when deciding what to write about
  • How to review your data to identify book concepts
  • The "One Sentence, One Paragraph, One Page" exercise that can help you choose what to write 

Connection Conversation 2: Does the World Need More “Christian Books”? (6 minutes)

Lesson 3: Writing a Killer Book Proposal (50 minutes)

  • The 9 step process for writing a killer book proposal
  • How to overcome the "no platform" objection most first-time authors get
  • Why you probably don't need your book written before you land your book deal
  • Why publishers think like investors and how you can use that to your advantage

Connection Conversation 3: The Ministry of Excellence (3 minutes)

Lesson 4: Landing a Literary Agent (24 minutes)

  • Why you have to have a literary agent (and the 3 reasons you want one)
  • The 3 paths to finding an agent
  • The 5 elements that made my cold pitch to agents so successful
  • How to take me up on my offer to be introduced to my agent
  • Why you should steer clear of agents asking you for money up-front

Connection Conversation 4: Biblical Boasting (4 minutes)

Lesson 5: What’s Next? (6 minutes)

  • How to get me to answer any question you have about publishing
  • Quick review of the course
  • Overview of all the resources (and bonuses!) you now have available

Connection Conversation 5: Ending With the Gospel (3 minutes)

Both! The only difference between getting a book deal for a fiction book vs. a nonfiction book is that you’ll need to have a complete manuscript if you’re pitching a fiction book. Otherwise, the information in this course is helpful for all writers interested in getting their book published.

I've packed everything you need to know on this topic into 2.5 hours!

As you will learn in Lesson 4 of this course, a literary agent is a nonnegotiable component to landing a book deal with a major publisher. You have to have one. Publishers won’t even look at your proposal without one. In the course, I’ll share a few different paths to finding a literary agent, including getting a warm introduction from me to my own top-notch literary agent. How can you get this introduction? Do the work in this course and at the end of Lesson 4, I will show you how to take me up on this valuable offer!

If you don’t love the course within 60 days of purchasing, I’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked. Just email me at [email protected] with your name and the email you used to purchase the course.

A ton. I've coached a lot of authors who have significant platforms, but still have no clue how to navigate the complicated publishing world. This course will show you how to leverage your platform to find the right agent and choose the best publisher for you.

I answer this question at length in Lesson 1 of the course which you can watch for free below. In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  • The 8 reasons why I almost always recommend traditional publishing over self-publishing
  • How much time it takes to write and publish a book
  • What publishing a book can do for your career


Lesson 1

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More Happy Students

“This course was soooo amazing! I didn't know what to expect fully but the practical step by step process was beyond worth it.” — Rachel S.


“The course is excellent! It’s worth much more than its price. The connection videos in between lessons were like a vista of peace as Jordan brought in Scripture and reiterated and confirmed my ‘why’ in the big picture.” — Thomas R.


“I've taken a lot of classes and read a lot of books on writing and publishing...for decades. This is far and away one of the most helpful and generous courses I have ever taken. Honored and blessed by this content. Thank you. — Julia F.


This was an AMAZING course. Jordan’s wisdom and transparency of all that he went through in obtaining his book deals has the potential to help even the most reticent “newbie” writer. I am so pumped right now! - Jay D.


“Concise. Uber practical. Gospel-centered. Highly recommended.” - Bobo B.


“I've taken a number of online authorship courses, but they don't go into nearly as much detail about the book proposal. This is so helpful. THANK YOU!” — Priska J.


“I felt like I was being taken behind the scenes by a friend who genuinely cared for me and wanted to see me succeed.” — Stephen L.


“If you want a solid action plan to get a book proposal done right, you've found it. This step-by-step course has been extremely valuable. Thank you Jordan!” — James B.


“Superb stuff. I highly recommend this course if you want to truly learn how to land a book deal with no platform. Jordan is also attentive and responsive to the comments and questions and goes above and beyond to deliver high quality value throughout the lessons.” — Jason L.


“Really enjoyed the course. The breakdown of the proposal was great. Well worth the investment.” — Jordan C.


More than worth the price.” — Adam R.

“Thank you so much for this course! I found a ton of value in it. This class is brilliant in its simplicity! It is clear and concise information that would take so much time to gather on my own. Thanks, Jordan!” - Monica S.


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