Collaboratory for Redemptive Entrepreneurs

Collaborate with 12 other high-caliber, Christ-following founders

Throughout my 10+ years running high-growth multi million dollar ventures, I looked for a group of peers with whom I could be real no matter if the challenge I was facing was “just business” or fundamentally spiritual. 

I never found that group. Mostly what I found was a lot of fellow entrepreneurs who felt the same way I did: isolated. 

Sure, there were mentors and investors I could talk business with. And there were colleagues I could talk to about some surface-level personal things. My friends didn’t really get my work at all. And no one got the full picture. 

It’s hard to feel fully supported when you don’t feel fully understood. 

That’s why I decided to start what I always wanted—small groups of like-minded believers who are serious about Jesus and building incredible businesses for his glory. I called these groups “collaboratories” as they are much more than “mastermind groups” or typical online communities. They are spaces for you to co-labor with brothers and sisters in Christ who will inspire and challenge you professionally and spiritually.

Is a Collaboratory group right for you? Keep reading to find out.

"Leading a company can be really lonely and I joined the Collaboratory because I was craving strong Christian community with other founders. The group has added value to my life and business on so many levels. First, the community and quality of people in the group is diverse and top notch. As I've presented challenges and issues to the group, I've received solid, actionable feedback that has grown and strengthened my business. Second, I now have a much better understanding of the theology of work, and my relationship with God has grown as a result. Lastly, Jordan has become a trusted friend and mentor, and having access to him and his wisdom and experience leading ventures has truly been invaluable."

David Block
Founder & CEO of Previnex

About the Collaboratory

The Community, Coaching, and Content you need to grow your business and grow in the gospel


Each Collaboratory group is made up of 12 redemptive entrepreneurs who are carefully selected by me. These are ambitious founders and CEOs running high-growth businesses under the lordship of Jesus Christ. Where will you collaborate with your group?

Monthly Forums

Each month, your group will gather virtually for your Monthly Forum: a 3 hour Zoom meeting where you will discuss God’s Word, pray together, and get actionable feedback on the most pressing issues in your business. All Forums are recorded for access later on. There are three core agenda items for these meetings.

DevotionalA 15-20 minute devotional from me that helps you more deeply connect your faith with your work as an entrepreneur + a time to discuss the devotional with the group.

Updates & Prayer Requests: This is consistently a rich and cherished time for members of the Collaboratory. Each member shares a quick update on their business and life and then asks the group to pray for specific requests over the course of the next month. The group then prays aloud for each other’s requests.

Hot Seat Sessions: Each month, 3 members of your group will get 30 minutes each to do a deep-dive on a big problem or question facing their venture and solicit input and offers of help from the rest of the group. Without fail, these sessions generate game-changing insights that have had massive financial impact on each business represented in the Collaboratory.


In addition to Monthly Forums, you’ll also collaborate with your group on a daily basis via the private Slack channel for your group. You’ll also have the opportunity to collaborate with the members of all the Collaboratory groups in a separate channel.


In addition to being in community with 12 of your fellow redemptive entrepreneurs, you will also receive coaching from two seasoned founders: Sam Eitzen and myself. Here’s a bit about each of our entrepreneurial experiences.

Sam Eitzen

Sam is the co-founder and CEO of Snapbar. If you recognize that name, I’m not surprised as Snapbar's story has been widely covered by the likes of Forbes, USA Today, The Ringer, TechCrunch, and Morning Brew.

Here’s the quick version of the story. In early 2020, Snapbar was a photobooth company sitting at #473 on the Inc 5000's list of the fastest growing businesses in America. The company worked with blue-chip events such as CES, Coachella, and SXSW and brands such as Google, Nike, and Disney. At the start of 2020, Snapbar was on track to do $5,000,000 in sales when COVID-19 hit and devastated the events industry. Almost overnight Sam and team lost all of their contracted revenue.

By the grace of God working through Sam’s extraordinary leadership, Snapbar not only survived this crisis, but pivoted rapidly and today is thriving as a result. Less than six months after the pandemic hit, Snapbar went from $0 - $2,000,000+ in annual revenue with two entirely new products: Virtual Photo Booth and Keep Your City Smiling.

Sam is one of the most talented entrepreneurs I know and a phenomenal coach to other founders. To hear more of Sam’s story, listen to his excellent episode of my podcast here.

Jordan Raynor

I’m Jordan Raynor, CEO of Jordan Raynor & Company where our mission is to inspire and equip every Christian to do their most exceptional work for the glory of God and the good of others. You likely know me through one of my national bestselling books (Called to Create or Master of One), The Call to Mastery podcast, or my weekly devotionals. 

What you may not know is that I have spent more than ten years creating considerable wealth as a tech entrepreneur. I currently serve as Executive Chairman of the venture-backed Threshold 360, a company I previously led as CEO. By the grace of God, I was able to successfully exit that role and pass the baton to my hand-picked successor in just 2.5 years.

Over the course of my career I have sold two companies, raised millions of dollars in venture capital, created more than 100 jobs, and managed sizable teams. Today, the work I’m most excited about is helping other entrepreneurs build exceptional businesses for the glory of God and the good of others.

As a member of the Collaboratory, you’ll have access to one-on-one coaching from Sam—one of the most talented entrepreneurs I know—every single month. You’ll also have access to coaching from me via the monthly Office Hours Zoom I co-host with Sam.


Chances are good that you first heard about me through my faith and work content on YouVersion, my weekly devotionals, or in one of my national bestselling books. As a member of the Collaboratory, you will be gaining access to much more content from me to help you do your most exceptional work for the glory of God and the good of others.

Daily Devotional

As a member of the Collaboratory, you’ll gain access to an exclusive daily devotional that helps you connect the gospel to your specific work as an entrepreneur every Monday - Friday.

Monthly Mini-Course

Each month, I produce a 20-30 minute “mini-course” exclusive to the Collaboratory with me teaching on a very practical business topic, drawn from my 10+ years of experience as an entrepreneur. Upon signing-up for the Collaboratory, you’ll gain immediate access to the entire backlog of content. Here’s a partial list of topics you’ll find in the archive:

  • My Complete Hiring System
  • Recruiting and Running a Great Board
  • 5 Steps for Prioritizing Your Product Roadmap
  • How to Nail All-Hands Meetings
  • Motivating Teams with Equity and Other Non-Salary Compensation
  • Aligning Your Team’s Work with Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)
  • 10 Ingredients of an Effective Pitch Deck
  • How to Recruit A+ C-Level Talent
  • An Introduction to the Life-Changing GTD Methodology for Task-Management
  • Using Personalized Video to Create Superfans and Win Business

Here’s a sample of one of those teachings.


Apply to Join a Collaboratory Group

Collaboratory groups are invite only. Apply now and if my team and I think the Collaboratory is right for you, I'll reach out to schedule a call to answer any and all of your questions.

"The Collaboratory is the group I had been praying for for years. It's a group of people who have a big vision and are pursuing it. It's a group of people who love Jesus and understand the challenges of being an entrepreneur. It's a group of people who celebrate, pray, and problem-solve together. I have been a member of a number of different masterminds, and this is spectacularly better than all of them."

Menekse Stewart
Founder & CEO of Cheerfully Given

"The Collaboratory is the gift that keeps on giving. Jordan has assembled a group with diversity and perspective, which allows us all to prosper as we help one another through the trials and tribulations of life and business. I am so thankful for the group, their advice, and even their ability to help me grow my business. This group didn't come together by chance. It came together from the blessings of our Father, and Jordan is the best conduit of those blessings I could have ever hoped for."

Jason Adams
Founder & CEO of MEGASLAB

"Joining the Collaboratory was such a pivotal investment for me, because it allowed me to surround myself with people who just operated at a higher level both in their business and in their daily life. Proximity is power as they say, and in the Collaboratory, you'll be able to learn things that you can use for the rest of your life."

Glo Atanmo
Founder of The Blog Abroad

"Jordan has created something very special in the Collaboratory. I have lifelong friends already from this group—guys and girls that I will call on for years and years to come. Both as people who have encouraged my soul, but also people who have been influential in helping me grow my business."

Joey Gilkey
Founder & CEO of Tribe

"The Collaboratory members have been an invaluable asset. Not only have they made themselves available to help solve problems in my business, but they have also come alongside as encouragers and prayer warriors in support of me and my calling as an entrepreneur."

Shay Cochrane
Founder & CEO of Social Squares

"It’s been a privilege to journey alongside other founders who love God and seek to honor him with their businesses. The community has been an invaluable source of insight, advice and encouragement. Joining the Collaboratory has been well worth the investment."

Jason van Dyk
Founder & CEO of God's Fingerprints

"The Collaboratory has been an incredible resource to me both personally and professionally. It is a very unique combination of both faith and business that I have yet to find elsewhere. The principles, tactics, insights, and relationships are well worth the time and investment. "

Zach Williams
Founder & CEO of Venveo

Apply to Join a Collaboratory Group

Collaboratory groups are invite only. Apply now and if my team and I think the Collaboratory is right for you, I'll reach out to schedule a call to answer any and all of your questions.


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